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Here at HannahMaria Shanahan sustainability lies at the core of our business ethos and morals. As you may know, unfortunately fast fashion cycles have made the environment a junkyard cluttering with disposable clothes. HannahMaria Shanahan mainly focuses when creating a sustainable fashion brand lies in quality more than quantity. With quality as the focus point, sustainability has made its way to many people’s belief systems including HannahMaria Shanahan. As a fashion designer, HannahMaria Shanahan has influence not only in what is next when it comes to colours, shapes or silhouettes but also in what is important and what is not. 

Slow fashion allows HannahMaria Shanahan to establish transparency designs in the production processes. By avoiding mass production the resources are used at a more realistic pace, the offer meets the demand and there is less waste. HannahMaria Shanahan has implemented the made to order production process which means that clothes are made only when they are ordered. This means there is zero waste and more sustainable production. Each piece is made especially for you. There is a high emphasis on craftsmanship, low waste and HannahMaria Shanahan uses eco-friendly and ethically sourced fabrics. HannahMaria Shanahan production is organic and uses cruelty free materials. 

​HannahMaria Shanahan uses 100% Organic wool sourced from Ireland in County Kilkenny. Wool is 100% natural, renewable and naturally biodegradable. Arguably the oldest known animal fibre, wool is composed of a protein called keratin which, like human hair, is produced from follicles within the skin of mammals. Wool grows spontaneously, without need for human intervention. When it is fully disposed of, wool biodegrades acting like a fertiliser by slowly releasing valuable nutrients and carbon back into the soil. Wool also has a zero microplastic footprint. Materials make garments and hence material makes a difference. Increasing the longevity of a garment could mean the optimum usage of the same garment. This, in turn, will reduce unwanted disposals. It is important as a designer to pick the right material in order to minimise the wear and tear of the apparel.

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