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  • How long does delivery take?
    We work based on a made-to-order model. Made-to-order fashion means that clothes are made only once they are ordered. This means that your delivery can take a little longer to arrive. It generally takes 1-2 weeks to make your garment. Please allow additional time when you place your order.
  • Returns & Refunds
    We hope you are happy with your new HannahMaria Shanahan garment. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return it to us for a full refund or exchange.
  • How much does it cost to return an item?
    Unfortunately, we do not take responsibility or cover the cost of returns. We do not want to encourage unnecessary consumption due to the negative impact this has on the environment.
  • Can I exchange an item?
    Yes, exchange is available. We want you to be happy with your HannahMaria Shanahan garment, and we are aware that shopping can be difficult online.
  • What does made-to-order mean?
    Made-to-order fashion means that clothes are made only when they are ordered. Each piece is made especially for you. There is a high emphasis on the craftsmanship, low waste and we use eco-friendly and ethically sourced fabrics. Our production is organic and we use cruelty free fabric. Our production process is zero waste which is gentle on the environment. Please take into account that your order may take a little longer, usually no more than two weeks.
  • I want a specific measurement or style. Do you offer tailoring and alterations?
    Unfortunately, we don’t yet offer customised tailoring for customers.
  • Where are your garments manufactured?
    All of our items are manufactured here in England.
  • Is our packaging recycable?
    ​All of HannahMaria Shanahan packaging is eco-friendly this includes the tissue paper, box and postage bag protecting the box; they are 100% recyclable and have recycled content. They’re also made in the UK, minimising shipping emissions.
  • How do I care for my garment?
    All of our Irish Wool products are knitted with pre-shrunk yarn. Our yarn is sourced from Cushendale and it is 100% organic. Cushendale represents the highest quality bespoke textiles made from Irish wool, lambswool & mohair. Crafted with six generations of knowledge and finished using their own 800 year old natural soft water source, each creation exudes a special and distinct softness which is a signature of their marque. 1. Wool should be washed on the wool setting (usually gentle action at 30°C). If your washing machine does not have a wool cycle, use the cold water wash or wash cycle for delicates. 2. Use a neutral, mild detergent that is preferably Woolmark recommended (look for the Woolmark symbol on the packet). Do not bleach your item. 3. It is recommended that you flat dry after washing. Do not hang. Quick tip, you may even notice that your washing machine or tumble dryer has the Woolmark Apparel Care symbol on it, which means that your machine has passed rigorous and independent testing and has been approved by The Woolmark Company. 4. Be gentle when ironing, use a pressing cloth and iron on the wrong side of the fabric on low heat. A pressing cloth is essential to prevent shiny marks on wool and to help prevent scorching. This piece of fabric is used between the face of the iron and the item you are ironing as a protective shield. Tip: Where to buy a pressing cloth? A pressing cloth can be purchased at a fabric shop or online. You may also use a white cotton dish towel, a piece of muslin, a white handkerchief, or any cotton fabric that will not transfer color or dye to your garment.
  • How do I reduce the itch?
    Pure wool can be a little itchy, especially with the first wear. To help minimise this, we recommend you wash with a wool-friendly fabric softener/conditioner.
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