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Fashion Design Office

What We Do

My name is HannahMaria Shanahan, originally from West Cork, and now living in London, UK. I have been in the fashion industry for the past 7 seven years, from interning in New York to working with the biggest fashion brands here in the UK. My love of design and styling have lead me down the path of opening my own business in 2021, and growing it over the years.


Knitwear: In our knitwear designs we use the best quality yarn and craftsmanship in the world. I am lucky I can find this at home in Ireland. We source our yarn from Cushendale Mill, a six generation family run wool mill in County Kilkenny, Ireland where sustainability, craftsmanship, quality and being ethical are their primary business principles. Their weaving heritage goes back to 1778 and first established their mill in 1204 by Cistercian monks.  

Online Store: Our online shop offers you different styles of dresses and other beautiful garments. They give you a taste of colour, fabric and cuts to suit any occasion. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to leverage my fashion experience to provide you with the most desirable looks. 


Styling Service: My styling services will save you time, stress and help bring the joy of dressing your best. I will be pulling styles from prime fashion locations like Notting Hill, Chelsea, and local boutiques in North London. 

Hannah x

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