Hello, and welcome.

Let me introduce myself; My name is Hannah and I am the owner and creative director of HannahMaria Shanahan an Irish born, London based, sustainable and luxury fashion label. My line is represented by my Irish heritage and living in one of the biggest multicultural cities in the world, London. My goal is to create a sustainable, inclusive and ethical line that each wearer can adapt to freely express their own unique and wonderful style. 

I started my professional working career in the hospitality industry where I’ve developed a keen eye for detail from working with the best professionals in the world's most luxurious, exclusive 5 star hotels and resorts. After graduating from Shannon College of Hotel Management in 2016 I changed my career and moved to New York in pursuit of my passion for fashion. I worked for the biggest independent fashion designers in the world in Manhattan, on West Broadway at Flying Solo. This was the beginning of my fashion journey.

I came back to London and used my training, experience, knowledge and integrated it into my craft in fashion by creating luxurious and original pieces in addition to items following established fashion trends and making it my own. I want to use the best quality yarn and craftsmanship in the world. I am lucky I can find this at home in Ireland. We source our yarn from a six generation family run wool mill in County Kilkenny, Ireland where sustainability, craftsmanship, quality and being ethical is their primary business principles. Their weaving heritage goes back to 1778 and first established their mill in 1204 by Cistercian monks. 

Finally, to finish up, fashion is my passion and a form of artistic expression. It is important to incorporate my past and present life experiences, inspirations into my craft to create a line that is not only sustainable, inclusive, high quality and ethical but has an element of comfort in the feel and fit which is a necessity.


Join me on this exciting chapter, and I hope you are also pursuing your life passion.


Hannah x

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Tel: +44 753 4728797

Address: Studio 4, 5 River Park Rd,

Wood Green, London N22 7TB