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Why You Should Wear Wool This Summer

We were off to a great start with the weather this summer with a few rainy days now, fingers crossed the sun comes back out and stays a little longer (September please). Summer is my favourite time of the year, I am a cancer baby and love the heat and the water even more. My best memories as a child were from the summer and in my 20's I lived in the most beautiful islands Europe has to offer enjoying the crystal blue water in Malta and Ibiza. When it’s hot out, why make yourself sweat? It’s logical, then, to avoid heavy materials and saran wrap-like fabrics: No down jackets, nothing waterproof, and definitely not wool or a sweater. You might think wool is just for winter, but the qualities that make it keep you warm mean it also keeps you cool in summer.

HannahMaria Shanahan 100% Irish wool can be as light as cotton, is breathable, moisture-absorbing, antimicrobial (so it won’t smell), and offers UV protection. That’s why athletes use wool so often. It’s especially good for summer tailoring – it’s often the synthetic linings that make suit jackets feel so hot, so go for a relaxed, unlined style. And it can be machine-washed at a cool temperature. You can use Fairy Non Bio Washing Gel to keep it as soft and smooth as new.

First, let’s start with wool as a material. No matter its iteration, it’s known as a natural insulator once temperatures drop, but when they warm up, it also performs: Particularly, merino wool has natural odor resistance and moisture wicking properties, and feels fairly breathable at lighter weights. As such, no matter if you’re sporting a HannahMaria Shanahan knit jumper or socks, the supposedly heavy material actually does an excellent job keeping sweat in check.

How does this work? Compared to warm-weather go-tos like cotton and linen, wool has a crimped texture. As such, it doesn’t create as tight of a weave and, in fact, has small gaps for air to pass through. The key, though, is wearing a thinner material, and being mindful of the garment’s construction. Here are three examples of including summer wool into your wardrobe.

GOTS certified organic wool, as well as natural wool has temperature regulating properties. Because wool wicks away moisture you stay dry and cool even when it is hot outside. Each wool fiber is covered with little cuticles, these cuticles or burrs on the wool fiber open and close very rapidly according to the amount of moisture and temperature they are exposed to. These cuticle or hooks on the fiber are hated by dust mites, and mildew making wool hypoallergenic for those with allergies. Wool warm in the winter cool in summer makes a perfect bed all season long. Now you know it is perfectly okay to wear wool in the summer. HannahMaria Shanahan is wearable in all seasons, not just the cold months.


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