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Ethical Fashion

What is an ethical brand?


'A brand that represents a company organisation or person whose products, services and activities 1. morally correct 2. Do not harm people, animals and the environment'. 


This is very simple: every single person who provides HannahMaria Shanahan with a service and works with me gets paid. Unfortunately the fashion industry is notorious for not paying their employees the correct wage or not even paying them and using students (no pay) in the workplace. Models, photographers and knitwear tailor and anyone who works with me or provides a service gets paid the correct wage. We do not employ students on work placement, accept free internships and use free models for shoots.


HannahMaria Shanahan is a cruelty free fashion brand. We do not use the following in our products; fur, angora, down feather, shearling, karakul and exotic animal skin and hair. We source our wool from an ethical wool mill, who take the proper care for their sheep. 



Steps HannahMaria Shanahan takes to be kind to the environment;

1. HannahMaria Shanahan carries out a made to order production process. Made to order fashion means that clothes are made only when they are ordered. Each piece is made especially for you. There is a high emphasis on the craftsmanship, low waste and we use eco-friendly and ethically sourced fabrics. Our production is organic, cruelty free and zero waste process.

2. HannahMaria Shanahan uses 100% organic and sustainable yarn. The mill we source from also carries out a process called vertical production. What is vertical production? This means that the sheep are in the mill and in the locality. Cushendale operates as a vertical mill dating back to the 19th century, continuing to card, spin and weave locally sourced Irish wool. Not only does it guarantee higher quality but it reduces the transportation emissions into the environment. 

3. All of HannahMaria Shanahan packaging is eco-friendly; they are 100% recyclable and have recycled content. They’re also made in the UK, minimising shipping emissions.

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