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Allow our Galizur trousers knit in earthy tones to become a wardrobe favourite. Floor-length rib-knit trousers with an elasticated waistband and generous pockets. Available in Ecru and Dark Charcoal. Spun from 100% Irish wool, our hand-tailored Galizur trousers is the epitome of luxury and softness. This medium weight knit offers a new dynamic to everyday dressing. The Galizur trousers are extremely soft and have a tactile feel. They are tailored with wide legs and you can style it with the Galizur Jumper. Ensure you follow the recommended care instructions listed below for our 100% pure wool knit and it will last you for seasons to come. 


  • Made in England 

  • 2x2 rib with deep cuff detail

  • Wide elasticated waistband

  • Relaxed fit

  • 100% Irish Wool

  • 9 Gauge Hand-powered machine

Galizur Wide Knit Trousers

  • Where do we source our yarn?

    HannahMaria Shanahan sources our yarn from Cushendale, a six generation family run wool mill in County Kilkenny, Ireland where sustainability, craftsmanship and being ethical is their primary business principles. Their weaving heritage goes back to 1778 and first established their mill in 1204 by Cistercian monks. Cushendale, which is one of only two remaining woollen mills in Ireland traditionally crafting exceptionally rare textiles using Irish wool.


    Cushendale represents the highest quality bespoke textiles made from Irish wool, lambswool & mohair. Crafted with six generations of knowledge and finished using their own 800 year old natural soft water source, each creation exudes a special and distinct softness which is a signature of their marque.


    What breed of sheep do they use?

    Cushendale uses the protected Galway sheep which is dyed, carded and spun at their historic mill, creating a range of truly unique Irish textiles of authentic composition, provenance and craftsmanship.


    There are only 700 breeding ewes in Ireland spread over 35 pedigree flocks. Galway sheep are all white in colour with a long fleece of close and fine texture. The Galway wool is regarded as the premier wool in its range. 


    Cushendale collaborates solely with one local farmer who provides the fleece from the rare and protected Galway sheep, an indigenous and heritage Irish breed, ensuring the consistency and quality gained from working with a single source supply which is fully traceable and genuinely authentic.


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